Wireless Carriers Select Telsasoft to Improve Network and Service Quality

MINNEAPOLIS, February 2009 /PRNewswire/ – Telsasoft, a Telecommunications Service Assurance Company, announces new deployments of their alarm management, performance monitoring, and CDR analytic platforms to Pocket Communications Northeast, Black Dolphin Limited of Papua New Guinea, and Caribbean Cellular Telephone Limited of British Virgin Islands.

This is the Third deployment of Telsasoft’s network management tools for Pocket Communications. The first and the second deployments were in 2006 and 2007 covering Pocket’s fast-growing network in Texas.

Mr. Amir Rajwany, Executive VP and CTO of Pocket Communications said, “Telsasoft has been a great partner for us and has met all of the needs that we have had for managing our network well. Telsasoft has responded to our needs very well and continue to work with us to enhance our OSS tools with a great overall value proposition.”

Black Dolphin Limited recently purchased a stake in Telikom PNG’s mobile phone subsidiary BMobile. Facing heavy competition, Black Dolphin needed the right tools to quickly identify areas in the network for optimization. Using Telsasoft’s performance monitoring platform, OpsAlert, Black Dolphin was able to measure the effectiveness of the optimization.

Caribbean Cellular Telephone Limited (CCT) required the visibility necessary to operate their wireless network. OpsAlert was able to provide them insight they required by putting key performance indicators at their fingertips. CCT also purchased Telsasoft’s trouble ticketing system, TroubleAid, to better manage network issues.

Quality network performance and service are keys to all networks’ thriving, as exemplified by Pocket Communications and other Telsasoft customers. Telsasoft’s network management tools continue to enable operators to achieve ever-higher levels of quality and a sharper competitive edge.

Ray Lo, President of Telsasoft states, “Our customers count on our network management tools and support to empower their technical team to maintain superb network performance. Customers are using our tools to monitor RF, switch, VoIP, and other network elements to effectively manage their network. We will continue to make sure that our products and services grow with our customer’s networks and services.”

About Telsasoft

Telsasoft manages more than 20 networks throughout the USA and beyond. The company’s integrated suite of alarm management, performance monitoring, and CDR analytic platforms allow service provides to monitor, report, and analyze the health of their network.

Founded in 1996 and headquarter in Minneapolis, Minnesota. For more information, contact Telsasoft at sales@telsasoft.com or visit https://telsasoft.com/.