Alarm and Fault System Management

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Improve the performance of your network for your customers

Every day, your managers, engineers, and techs seek to improve the performance of your network for your customers while simultaneously decreasing operating costs. Telsasoft Alarms monitors your switches, RAN, EPC, IMS, voice mail systems and other applications 24-7 so that when a problem occurs, the right person gets paged at the right time. By giving NOC personnel and techs detailed information on the current status of the network and its problems, you will have more satisfied customers and ultimately more revenue.

We can monitor any network element using any number of protocols including Telnet, SNMP, TL1 and CORBA. We have monitored equipment from many (over 100!) vendors including Ciena, Ericsson, Metaswitch, Huawei, Nokia, Calix, Cisco and ZTE.


From the Alarms window, you can view the details of all active alarms and modify them according to your policies.

Geo Map

Geo map window shows base stations and their respective statuses geographically and can be customized to show features including political boundaries, roads and bodies of water.


  • Real-time, automatic reporting of all network faults in one system

  • Geographic displays of alarms and base station status

  • Search historical alarms to view a problem over time

  • Alarm modifications can be set according to many different parameters

  • Paging can be configured with any desired degree of precision with configurable delivery methods, delays, and escalation

  • Pages can be sent to users or groups via e-mail, SMS, or IM-style messages

  • Alarms and/or paging can be automatically disabled within maintenance windows

  • Pages can be re-routed to handle vacations, sick days, holidays, etc.

  • Interfaces with OpsAlert to report and page performance threshold violations

  • Per-user permissions

  • Configurable GUI

  • Can support any number of concurrent users

  • Software updates are installed automatically

  • Export data to Microsoft Office applications


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