Customer Experience Management

To remain competitive and grow, companies must understand and manage the customer experience (CX). We utilize and incorporate per call measurement data (a/k/a, cell traces) to keep you informed and alerted of how your customers are experiencing and interacting with your network.

Per Call Measurement Data

By analyzing event based data, we provide monitoring and evaluation capabilities for any traffic scenario taking place in the LTE RAN. Event recordings provide detailed analysis which allows for efficient network troubleshooting, including:

  • Evaluating CX Performance – Our records allow you to determine if a particular brand, model or even if a specific mobile phone is causing set-up failures and dropped calls enabling you to narrow down the root cause of the problem (network related, user related or air interface related).

  • Quickly Determine Failure Scenarios – We collect data associated with the call/connection allowing for quick responses and advanced troubleshooting for customer trouble tickets. There is no need to recreate the failure scenario in the lab to understand why a call failed or was dropped.

  • Analyze RF Coverage – Inadequate RF coverage can result in lost calls and signal strength and the time of a lost call can be examined in our record. This information significantly reduces RF optimization and engineering costs and provides network planners with detailed information related to dimensioning and network configuration.

  • Optimal Performance Alerts – You can be alerted regarding unacceptable performance degradation in the network so you can take immediate action or to keep your network optimized.

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