Dear Telsasoft Customer,

Telsasoft is committed to ensuring that you have the data you need during this time of unprecedented broadband and voice usage due to telework policies, remote schooling and ever-increasing customer connections.

We are pleased to introduce the Corona Metric Dashboard (CMD). This new report is available upon request and will provide the key performance indicators (KPIs) you need to manage the increased traffic on your network. CMD was created to provide you quick and easy visibility into KPIs related to the increased usage we’re seeing during the pandemic.

What will Telsasoft customers receive if they request the CMD?
Telsasoft customers who request CMD will receive a free daily email with six metrics that are critical to monitor in the coming days, weeks and months of uncertainty. The KPIs (see sample below) included are:
• GBytes over time per market per technology
• MOU over time per market per technology
• Top 5 cells by connected users for yesterday with 30 day history
• Top 5 cells by resource block utilization for yesterday with 30 day history
• Top 5 cells by biggest GByte increase over 4 weeks (minimum 25 GB yesterday)
• Top 5 cells by biggest GByte decrease over 4 weeks (minimum 25 GB 4 weeks ago)

“Pioneer truly appreciates this new dashboard report and the speed with which Telsasoft has made it available,” commented Jeff Wittrock, Department Manager of RF and Network Services at Pioneer in Oklahoma. “In the past 10 days alone, we’ve seen a spike in many of these areas, and having a dashboard highlighting these KPIs will allow us to mitigate risk in our networks during these extraordinary times.”

What if I want something else?
We believe the CMD report is applicable to the greatest number of our customers. Should you require metrics beyond the free CMD report, please contact Chris Lexvold at

How to Subscribe
Contact us at to request the Telsasoft Corona Metric Dashboard.

Feel free to reach out if you need anything from Telsasoft. And above all, we hope you are staying safe and healthy.


Roger Schmitz, CEO

CMD sample below: